SiteGround Review 2019 – Is it the best hosting in 2019?

Siteground Hosting Review 2019 – Choosing a best hosting service is very confusing for a newbie.  Here i will explain you every thing about a best hosting service for you business or blog. Specially for wordpress users.

Here i am going to talk about some stats and some numbers to show you whether or not siteground is the best hosting provider to choose.

Now to start off I’m going to tell you that I personally using siteground to host all of my and my clients websites. But you can host your client sites on any other hosting service.

Web Hosting

I am using many other hosting providers for other websites that I running and managing. I do have personal experience using siteground the first thing I want to say about siteground is it is recommended by WordPress themselves, you can find on,

Where they clearly mentioned 3 recommended hosting providers on their website Bluehost, DreamHost and SiteGround, that was a very strong reason I did choose to start a website on siteground.

In spite of the intense competition they made a great name in market.

Almost every expert or beginner is would like to use SiteGround Hosting services. Due to a great performance of server 99.9% uptime and a lot more reasons which i will share you later.

In this detailed siteground review i will try to give you insights about the features they offer and also i will explain there plans and everything you need to know before buying this hosting service.

Siteground offers some creative offers for their customers, 
hared, Cloud, Dedicated, VPS, and WordPress Hosting.

With the all Siteground plans they are providing the SSD drives to make the services faster and more efficient. Super cacher is siteground own creativity to increase site performance.

  • SSD Drives for Hosting Servers
  • Super Cacher 
  • NGINX web server tech
  • HTTP/2 protocol
  • Linux Containers

SiteGround Review:  All Features, Plans and Discount Pricing

Why i recommend SiteGround ?

The most important this for a great website is uptime. 



Uptime is a key thing for any successful website. Because this is the time when your site is online or operational and accessible for visitors. The uptime of your websites is very effects on visitors.
For instance:- if any visitor visit your website and found down or inaccessible then he/she left your site and will never came back

If you are planning to be a successful business, blog, eCommerce website you have to choose a quality hosting service, to avoid any kind of errors, down time and trouble free service.

SiteGround offers 99.9% Uptime. I read a lot of reviews on social media sites, i failed to found any person who complaining about SG downtime. 

But if you can afford a little bit expensive hosting , siteground offers Dedicated Hosting with 100% uptime.  

There a many companies offers 99.9% uptime but not delivering.


If something happened wrong or got some unexpected error, commonly few error resolved from hosting company. What if your hosting provider support team not responding for a long time, even you have any urgent matter. 

I found some hosting provider non technical support team. 

This situation is very frustrating for everyone, even i also faced this type situation. You will loose visitors and revenue as well.

In this case support team of SiteGround is very professional & technically expert and quick.

Some times i got reply from them within 30 minutes on support ticket. But live chat support is awesome. 

Here few proofs of my chat with support team and there response time on support ticket.

siteground technical issue proof

You can see in above image i have created ticket at 08:54 CST, and they answer at 09:06 CST, they replied in just 12 minutes.


Loading speed is the key to Rank in Google search result, if you are a SEO expert you can understand batter. It means your site should be loaded within few seconds, my personal experience is maximum speed of any website should not be more than 2-3 seconds.

SiteGround provides blazingly high speed hosting service no matters which plan you are using. I am migrated from another famous hosting server to SiteGround the major reason was its speed. 

I never got speed under 2 seconds on my other blog that have a lot of content, lot of images, more than 30 plugins are active and a low speed wordpress theme. But after migration at siteground it is 1.42 sec 

You can see page size is only 10.4KB, which is amazing for me, before it was 2MB. Performance grade is 99 (A) .

There are a lot of free websites or free tools are available to check speed of sites like; GTmatrix & Pingom. Here I am using Pingdom website speed test checker.

How they do for highest speed ?

They have SSD drives even for Shared hosting (Solid State Drivers) are more rapid then traditional drives. 

In additionally, an other technology they are using
SuperCacher technology for all hosting plans. also they have Cloud Flare (CDN) builtin feature to speed up contents.

Free backup

As a Web developer i can understand the importance of a backup. What we will do if our site got deleted by someone, lost data or anything like that ?

Even sometimes while editing of plugin or theme we write wrong code and whole site goes down or completely inaccessible. To overcome this kind of situation, taking a backup is can be life saver for us.

Siteground is providing backup service free of cost with all plans, even previously i was spending $35 per month to backup my sites. But after migration on Siteground i save more than $400 per year.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This is another very attractive hosting service that may lean me to come at siteground and force me to make siteground review 2019.

This particular service is more expensive than a traditional hosting, this is why a limited companies are only offering.

What exactly is Managed WordPress Hosting ?

For a newbie to understand this thing is will take time, but to explain in short words Managed WordPress Hosting is all about

Securing wordpress websites, Update & backups on daily basis, Maintain the speed etc…

Now you don’t need to worry about website speed, security and backup etc..


Every year thousands of websites got h*cked due to weak security of your servers. Because we are not paying much attention on security of our sites.

Due to  security concerns the sitegroud does the daily backups, monitor to identify the security holes, updates, offers plugins, etc. 


SiteGround is offered cPanel which is very simple to use and manage hosting account easily.

Using cPanel you can manage domains, sub domains, parked domains, emails, file manager, different statistics, FTP accounts, backups create, delete databases and much more.

In addition you can install wordpress, Joomla and many more applications by using third party tools such as Softaculous. Using this tool you can install any application by just 1 click.

They made the cPanel or control panel is user friendly.

One of the greatest tool is backup and restore tool is also you can access from cPanel.


Limitations of Monthly Visitors

Unlike other hosting companies 

Unlike many other web hosting providers, SiteGround also offering (Shared and WP Managed) plans are limited per month visitors.

Every Plan has different number of visitors, It is  varies from one plan to another. The very basic plan is StartUp, which allows your website to 10,000 visitors per month only.

This is a very small amount of visitors, but for a startup blog or website it is enough visitors.

For a new blogger it will be a great choice to start with SiteGround. At initial stage i recommend you don’t go for bigger plans.

I have a big discount for you today, i can help you to get 60% discount by using my exclusive link “StartUp” plan at just at $3.95 per month plan normally it cost is $11.95.


Siteground is a little bit expensive compare to other basic storage hosting providers and with limited visitors.

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